On-Site worship has resumed.

On-site, in-person worship will include/require the following:
  • 9:30am in the Sanctuary
    • If possible, enter and exit through the bell tower’s Narthex door.  The elevator is available if needed from Yonker Fellowship Hall entrances.
  • Gathering music begins at 9:15am - NOTE: please do not wait until 9:28am to arrive as all are entering via the same process of check-in/communion pick-up etc.
  • Masks will be required at all times. Sanitizer and masks are available if needed.
  • Seating is throughout the Sanctuary in keeping with social-distancing – six feet apart in a pew, alternating middle and sides of pews.
  • For those 65+: please use caution and consult your healthcare providers before deciding if you can/should attend.
  • Nursery care is available, but please mention your need of this when you RSVP.
  • REGISTERING:  RSVP for the coming Sunday.  Contact the church office at  449.4265 or fcc@firstchristian.org or click the "RSVP" button below.
    • You will be asked to check-in upon arrival, confirming your RSVP or register at that moment (for contact-tracing purposes, if needed)
    • By registering, you confirm that all attendees of your "party":
- are fever-free
- are not experiencing COVID symptoms (fever, shortness of breath, new loss of taste/smell, etc.)
- have not been asked by health authorities to quarantine in the last 14 days
- are not positive for COVID or awaiting results of a COVID test.
  • A bulletin with scripture, words & hymns will be provided.
  • Individual communion will be provided.

Please note that Dr. Stagg and the Executive Officers will reassess whether or not in-person worship is safe to resume on a weekly-basis and will notify the congregation of any new decisions made.  Thank you.

For a more elaborate breakdown of what to expect from in-person worship, and the safety protocols in place, please view the video below. (Made July 2020)