On-Site worship has resumed.

**Updated as of May 14, 2021.
Dear FCC Members & Friends,
In light of yesterday's CDC announcement that masks are no longer needed for FULLY vaccinated individuals, the Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Treasurer, Associate Minister, and Senior Minister agree that FCC's Social Distancing Protocols need to be REVISED. These REVISED protocols still place an emphasis on protecting children & youth who still cannot receive any vaccinations while at the same time allowing freedom for those who have been FULLY vaccinated.
Be advised: the Church will NOT verify who is or is not FULLY vaccinated.
As Christians, each of us is on the HONOR-SYSTEM to responsibly, truthfully self-manage whether one is FULLY vaccinated or not. Peoples' well-being are at stake and we follow the One who taught us to "love one another."
These Protocols are effective immediately for the next four weeks until Monday, June 7 or unless the CDC provides new information, at which time they will be re-evaluated.
FCC's REVISED New Social Distancing Protocols, effective immediately until June 7, are:
  • Masks must be worn by ALL individuals who are not FULLY Vaccinated (both shots plus the 2-week waiting-period.) FULLY vaccinated individuals need not wear a mask.
  • While the blue tape will be removed from pews, church members are requested to maintain 6' social distance from non-family children under 16.
  • Reservations will NO longer be required.
  • Bibles & Hymnals will be returned to the pews.
  • Communion and Offering distribution will continue from the Narthex.
Please be aware and sensitive that this a transition time. Each individual and families will be at different stages along the vaccination spectrum.
For example, my family is at differing stages:
  • Brad is fully vaccinated and therefore won't need to wear a mask on Sunday.
  • Trish & Luke are not yet fully vaccinated as they still have one more week to go following their second vaccine, so they will both wear masks.
  • Noah, who is 11 and not eligible to receive a vaccine, will wear a mask and needs to maintain 6' social distance from non-family members.
  • Annie will continue wearing her mask until she is fully vaccinated and currently is under quarantine as a close contact from school.
All this is said as a way of reminder, that it is important not to judge one another should some come to church masked or unmasked, recognizing that each of us is at differing stage along this long, circuitous road to recovery.

Some people may still choose to wear a mask even after being fully vaccinated.
So with love and empathy, let us be sensitive, attentive, and kind to one another in the name of Jesus Christ!
Blessings, Dr. Brad

Protocols as of February 2021:
On-site, in-person worship will include/require the following:
  • 9:30am in the Sanctuary
    • If possible, enter and exit through the bell tower’s Narthex door.  The elevator is available if needed from Yonker Fellowship Hall entrances.
  • Gathering music begins at 9:15am - NOTE: please do not wait until 9:28am to arrive as all are entering via the same process of check-in/communion pick-up etc.
  • Masks will be required at all times. Sanitizer and masks are available if needed.
  • Seating is throughout the Sanctuary in keeping with social-distancing – six feet apart in a pew, alternating middle and sides of pews.
  • For those 65+: please use caution and consult your healthcare providers before deciding if you can/should attend.
  • Nursery care is available, but please mention your need of this when you RSVP.
  • REGISTERING:  RSVP for the coming Sunday.  Contact the church office at  449.4265 or fcc@firstchristian.org or click the "RSVP" button below.
    • You will be asked to check-in upon arrival, confirming your RSVP or register at that moment (for contact-tracing purposes, if needed)
    • By registering, you confirm that all attendees of your "party":
- are fever-free
- are not experiencing COVID symptoms (fever, shortness of breath, new loss of taste/smell, etc.)
- have not been asked by health authorities to quarantine in the last 14 days
- are not positive for COVID or awaiting results of a COVID test.
  • A bulletin with scripture, words & hymns will be provided.
  • Individual communion will be provided.

Please note that Dr. Stagg and the Executive Officers will reassess whether or not in-person worship is safe to resume on a weekly-basis and will notify the congregation of any new decisions made.  Thank you.

For a more elaborate breakdown of what to expect from in-person worship, and the safety protocols in place, please view the video below. (Made July 2020)