Food, friendship, travel and serving all go hand in hand with all the gatherings at FCC. Picnics and potlucks, books read and games played, art shown and trips taken, are just a few themes of the opportunities for fellowship at FCC.

Listed here are some of the more continuous groups that meet for fellowship:

Arts Ministry

A group of artists, collectors, and those with appreciation of the arts plan events throughout the year that have in focus the creative side of the faith. Each January a unique art show is held in Bethany Hall – “Artists Among Us” – featuring the wide variety of art in many mediums created by members and friends of FCC.


Young Adults@First Christian is the fellowship group for church members and friends in the 23ish-35ish age range. The group is made up of singles, marrieds, men, and women. Social connections, service opportunities, and spiritual growth are all part of the YA@1st experience.



S.T.A.R.S is the 55+ fellowship group of First Christian Church. STARS = SeniorsTogetherAffirmingReachingServing. The STARS group meets on a monthly basis for adventures in travel, touring, meals, entertainment, education, and service. They regularly use the church bus and always have a good time together!

Shawl Ministry

The Shawl Ministry is a fellowship group with a unique focus. A group of women gather once a month in Bethany Hall and create shawls, offer prayers and share in fellowship. The shawls – knitted and crocheted are shared with church members and friends who are in need of prayers in a wide variety of pastoral ways. Birth, death, illness, celebration are just a few of the times that the shawls envelop a friend with the care and prayers of the congregation.

Ladies Book Club

The Ladies’ Book Club is a gathering of women (FCC members and friends) who happen to love to read and participate in book discussions. The Ladies’ Book Club meets at noon in Bethany Hall, the second Wednesday of each month, excepting December, June and July. The women gather in August for lunch at a local restaurant and to select 8 books for the coming months. All ages are represented and all genres are considered including Columbia’s One Read. All women are most welcome!


The Christian Women’s Fellowship By-Laws state, “Groups shall be arranged as the needs of the women and the work to be accomplished require…..Each Group shall schedule and plan their own group meetings.” This allows great flexibility for women to focus on a particular need of the church and join together to assist in that area.

Women’s Ministries

Christian Women’s Fellowship (CWF)

The purpose of women’s ministries is to provide opportunities for spiritual growth, enrichment, education, and creative ministries to enable women to develop a sense of personal responsibility of the whole mission of the Church of Jesus Christ. All women who are members of First Christian Church are eligible for membership.

Women of the church are actively involved in:

  • Organizing the annual Election Day Luncheon
  • Serving at Loaves and Fishes, Fourth Monday every month
  • Staffing the Wardrobe, Second Friday every month 11- 4
  • Participating in the Ladies’ Book Club
  • Knitting shawls for members – Shawl Ministry
  • The Drennan Singers
  • Raising funds to support local women’s and children’s charities
  • Breakfast for the Brethren

There are currently three women’s ministries groups:

  • Brummett-Harrah – meets the fourth Wednesday of each month (Sept-June) 1:30 in members’ homes
  • Coffman-Watson – meets the first Monday of each month (Sept – May) 7:00 pm in member’s homes
  • Drennan – meets the fourth Tuesday of each month (Sept – April) 1:15 at church

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