Guidelines for In-Person Worship

Here are the plans for One Service at 9:30am to begin this Sunday, August 2nd.


Those who are in any at-risk groups (underlying health conditions, immuno-compromised, over the age of 60, etc.) are encouraged to continue worshipping with us online via YouTube and the Visitor Liturgy page.  


Worship online via YouTube will be a recording of Sunday morning with the goal of bring available online late afternoon/early evening each Sunday.

Worship in the Sanctuary will proceed as follows:

  • These are not recommendations but rather instruction for a continued safe experience and follow the mandate of the City of Columbia.
  • RESERVATION: Due to the max 100 attendees allowed in our space, those planning to attend will need to make a reservation prior to Sunday morning. Any “walk-ins” will be first come first serve over the re- served number that day.

2 ways to reserve before Friday at 5:00pm:


(leave a voicemail if no one answers)

449.7265 or


Further Guidelines To Follow:


  • GATHERING: There will be no gatherings anywhere including Yonker Hall or the Narthex (no handshakes, hugs or personal greetings that require physical touch and close proximity). **Bring your SHAWL if you are prone to COLD!
  • MASKS & HEALTH QUESTIONS: Anyone attending worship will be required to remain masked throughout. All those leading worship will remove their masks only while addressing the congregation from the chancel.   Volunteer hosts will be asking about recent health and available to take temperatures but we ask all attendees check their own temp before coming to church.
  • IN & OUT: We will ALL enter the sanctuary via the Bell Tower door. A line down the ramp and sidewalk with distance between individuals/families is expected. (Bring an umbrella in the case of rain.) There will be an orderly process for entering/exiting the facility and the worship space assisted by ushers/volunteers (filling front to back). 
  • MUSIC: With hymns not being sung, all will be “listening silent singers” of the day’s hymn and music by the music staff.
  • OFFERING & COMMUNION: There will be an offering station where your financial gifts can be received as people enter and leave the sanctuary. Communion will be by sealed, prepackaged communion elements picked up as people enter.
  • CHILDREN: We will not be offering on-site childcare in the nursery or having Children’s Worship at this time.

ALL of this is subject to change as the weeks come. Flexibility and openness to a new way is most welcomed. Thank you.


Below is a video we created that hopefully answers any further questions, and shows what you can expect if you chose to attend in-person worship:


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