FCC’s Response to COVID-19


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FCC’s Response to COVID-19


March 16, 2020


Dear FCC Members & Friends,


As we have witnessed over the past few days there have been numerous closings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After consulting with several medical and public health officials and heeding the recommendation from the CDC, the Church Officers and the Senior and Associate Ministers have decided that First Christian Church will suspend all meetings and gatherings beginning Tuesday, March 17 through Sunday, March 29. Then on Monday, March 30, we will reevaluate on a week-by-week basis as to when to begin normal activities. This decision is also being done in alignment with many of the other downtown area churches.


We believe this to be a compassionate, proactive step to protect the health and wellbeing of our congregation and our community.


This decision includes but is not limited to: Worship services, Sunday school classes, youth group meetings, Bible studies, Mother’s Day Out, all fellowship events, funerals/memorial services, committee meetings, department meetings, and governance bodies.


The Staff will continue reporting to work to:

  • Distribute the newsletter which will include devotionals for this time.
  • Handle the pastoral needs of congregation members.
  • Explore online means of communicating with the congregation.
  • Conduct normal business.


If you have any questions, concerns, or affirmations to share, please do so. As the Officers and Ministers of First Christian Church, the physical and spiritual wellbeing of our members is our prime concern.


In this time, let us be reassured that God is with us. With this blessed assurance, we trust that Christ leads us to lovingly respond to those who are sick, weak, and in need. And that the Holy Spirit provides all the strength, hope, and compassion we need to meet this ministry challenge. During this time let us continue to be a witness of Christ’s love and mercy to all in our congregation, in our community and in our world.


Eric Arnett      Colleen Nilges            Steven Smith       Dr. Brad Stagg         Rev. Jimmy Spear
Moderator        Vice-Moderator            Treasurer              Sr. Minister                Assoc. Minister

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