Columbia’s “Stay at Home Order” and FCC Worship

As you know, the City of Columbia has issued a “Stay at Home Order” until April 24th which applies to houses of worship too. While churches are listed as Essential Businesses, which means FCC can be open; the order also stipulates that houses of worship must comply with the “No more than 10 people gathering together in compliance with the CDC.” This makes holding regular worship impossible. So this means that FCC will NOT hold public worship until Sunday, April 26. Should the Order change, we will adapt accordingly. 

However, we will continue holding worship via YouTube! The Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, we promise to upload a weekly YouTube service to assist your worship of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The advantage of YouTube versus “live-streaming” is that you may access each worship service at any time. So if you go to our YouTube Channel “First Christian Church – Columbia, MO,” you will have access to all of the uploaded services at any time. We encourage you to “Like,” “Subscribe,” and to share the link with friends and family! We know one church member who watched it from their home in Arizona and another member sent it to family in London, England and Italy! On a personal note, thank you so much for all the encouraging words for Luke on this project! It means a great deal to him! Thank you so much!

— Dr. Stagg


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